Where are Mark, Ayase, and Tadashi?

Mark apparently is in America, studying to be an artist. He's not coming back until he's become a star.

Ayase married a salaryman and is busy being a housewife.

Tadashi...well, who knows. Rumor has it that he's being chased by assassins, but not even Tamaki-chan knows where he is!
AESTHETICIAN: The strange-looking woman who works at Etheria. Believes in the power of Aesthetics.

AKUMA-ESHI (DEMON ARTIST): The artist in the Velvet Room that paints Free Tarot into any requested Tarot cards. Based on Kaneko Kazuma, the character designer for the Persona games.

AMANO MASATAKA: Amano Maya's father, a battlefield photographer. He was killed on the job when she was a young girl.

ASOU-SENSEI: The teacher in the Sevens staff room that always starts out his sentences by saying, "Ah, sou." ("I see.")

BELLADONNA: The beautiful woman who sings opera in the Velvet Room, accompanied by Nanashi's piano playing. To be able to hear only her singing voice, she blocks both her ears.

FUJII SHUNSUKE: A freelance cameraman who works for Kismet. Yukino is his apprentice, and she has a major crush on him (she has father issues...her father abandoned her family, and ever since then, she's been attracted to fatherly men...ah, the Persona series). He calls Maya and Yukino "Makki" and "Yukki" respectively. Fujii apparently knew Maya's father.

HANAKOUJI MIYABI: A second-year Sevens student and classmate of Lisa. She works on the school newspaper. She's dating Eikichi.

HANYA TAKASHI: The greatly disliked principal of Sevens, who transfered from St. Hermelin recently. He's called "Hannya" after the ugly Noh demon/ghost mask of the same name; you can see it here. He gets murdered by the JOKER in the first half-hour of the game; Noriko put out a hit on him. *laugh*

HOSHI AKARI: A 13-year-old cosplayer who was a member of the Masquerade on the Other Side. A over-imaginative, dreamy girl, she likes to pretend that she is the reincarnated warrior Ixquic. In Batsu, you only see her in the Giga Macho, looking for rumor demons.

IGOR: The master of the Velvet Room, and a servant of Philemon. When a Persona is summoned, Nanashi plays and Belladonna sings, and Igor calls up the Persona on his Evil Phone (yeah, he's speaking into a phone when you summon a Persona).

INOUE YASUO: A student you find on the roof of Kasugayama, whining about how things would be different if he were Student Body President. But in Tsumi, he actually was president, instead of just wishing about it! He was responsible for spreading the rumor that the Sevens Emblem was cursed, and was working for Lady Scorpio to collect Ideal Energy at Kasu HS's big dance party, the Masquerade. Tatsuya and co. found Yasuo on the roof of the school (where you find him in Batsu) and you fight him as a boss! After you defeat him, he's burned to death by King Leo for his failure. But this time around, he's just a snivelling wuss.

KAORI-SAN: A nice widowed lady who runs the shop Kaori. (Duh.)

KATAYAMA NORIKO: A second-year student at Sevens with a massive crush on her upperclassman, Yoshizaka Anna. She calls the JOKER to kill the man who caught Anna in a hit-and-run, and then she calls the JOKER on Principal Hannya when he accuses Anna of being the murderer.

KEN: One of Eikichi's friends and a member of Gas Chamber.

MAKIMURA YOUICHI: On the Other Side, he was a Masquerade member who performed the Joker Charm, wishing to become sexy. He was supposed to challenge Tatsuya's group in the Fitness Club GOLD, but Ulala chased him out, threatening to kick his ass for stealing her money and running. On This Side, he's...pretty much the same. He ripped Ulala off to the tune of $30,000. No wonder she wants to kill him.

MASTER: The bartender at the Jolly Roger. He seems to be a retired sailor, since he always talks about the sea...on the other side, he sold weapons, and was not a rumormonger. He's apparently based on Victor from Devil Summoner.

METEOR MAN (RYUUSEI YAROU): The host of the radio program "Meteor Man's Sound Max." He's based on Atlus's head of Public Relations, Mr. Aibara/Aiwara. He's known as "Chupiler" for unknown reasons in the US release. He's the host of the Sumaru Castle part of the EX Dungeon.

MISHINA KANKICHI: Eikichi's dad, the sushi chef at Gatten sushi. A real "manly" man, who isn't amused when he discovers that his son's running around in visual kei makeup and clothing. He claims that he knows 18 forms of martial arts and can kick Eikichi's ass, and Eikichi believes him.

NANASHI (NAMELESS PIANO PLAYER): The blindfolded piano player who makes the music to summon Persona in the Velvet Room. He seems to have something of an obsession with numbers and counting. Igor calls him "Nanashi-kun." *laugh*

OBA-CHAN: The Shiraishi Lady ("oba-chan" just means "lady" or "older woman"). She claims to have something of a mysterious past (was she really married to a sheik?) and dreams of being a writer. She was once a man-searcher, according to rumor. In Tsumi, she makes appallingly bad ramen and sells weapons, but she doesn't sell weapons in Batsu. She's named after Shiraishi Megumi, an employee of Atlus *laugh*

OGISHIMA MIHO: A second-year student at Sevens in Lisa's class (2-C), and one of the MUSES. She's one of Lisa's best friends, and has the nickname "Miipo." She tends to talk in a super-cutesy way.

PEACE DINER WAITRESS: She's 19, and uses an old-fashioned "de gozaru" speech pattern. (Happy Japanese Note: she's called an "Arbeiter" - a 'worker' in German - because after-school part-time jobs are called 'arubaito' = Arbeit = "work". The Japanese borrowed the word from the Germans.) Her given name is apparently Michiko or Miwako.

SHIBATA MAMI: Another of Lisa's best friends, a second-year Sevens student from class 2-C. She is the third member of the MUSES, with the nickname "Asacchi." (That's because the kanji for "ma" in "Mami" is often read "asa," and the -cchi is just a cute nickname, like -chan or -rin.)

GARCON SOEJIMA: The popular waiter at Le Cleir-de-Lune Restaurant. He's based on the Graphics Designer at Atlus, Soejima Shigenori. There's a Soejima in Soul Hackers, and I believe that Kuzunoha Kyouji (the guy in white, with a blue shirt and yellow tie? Carried a sword with the Big Dipper on the handle?) from Devil Summoner was also Soejima's self-insert. Feel free to correct me; Devil Summoner is the one game I don't have! Soejima Shigenori is the guy who draws the in-game art, as opposed to Kaneko Kazuma, who draws the character designs.

SOUKA-SENSEI: One of the teachers in the staff room at Sevens. He's always saying "Sou ka!" ("That's it, of course!")

SUGIMOTO HIROKI : A second-year student at KasuKou. Ever since Eikichi beat him up in middle school, he's hated Eikichi and wanted to defeat him. On the Other Side, he kidnapped Miyabi and caused Eikichi all sorts of trouble. I wonder why Eikichi even bothers to try to rescue him.

SUMARU GENIE: A mysterious woman from Egypt who tells fortunes using tarot cards and a crystal ball. It's rumored that her double wanders the city at night...

SUMARU KIYOTADA: ( ) During the Period of the Warring States (1467-1600), Sumaru Kiyotada was the military commander of the area that contained Sumaru City. (By the way, "Sumaru City" and "Sumaru Kiyotada" are written with different Sumaru's.) He was killed by Suou Tatsunoshin, and his mummy was buried under Honmaru Park in Rengedai (where Sumaru Castle eventually rises).

TAKESHI: Another of Eikichi's friends and bandmates.

TAKAMI SAEKO: Tatsuya's homeroom teacher in 3-B, who transferred from St. Hermelin ("Saeko Smith" in US versions). She's a very dedicated teacher, and tries to make slackers like Tatsuya let go of their past trauma and make something of their lives.

TIME COUNT: The mysterious man who sells antique clocks. His left eye is covered by a monocle decorated like a clock. Rather a creepy fellow overall...

TODOROKI DAISUKE: The boss of the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, who spreads rumors for a fee. Although he looks kind of dull and mild-mannered, he works as a Devil Summoner. He was a third-rate detective, but all of a sudden he became smart...

TOKU-SAN: Toku-san is a homeless man who sleeps in Honmaru Park in Rengedai. He seems to spend his time in the Shiraishi Ramen shop, collecting and spreading rumors.

MR. TOMINAGA: The chiropractor at Tominaga Chiropractic. He studied his art in America, and loves to say "Goldfinger!"

TONY: A stoned young man who sells accessories in Yumesaki. Rumor has it that he sells goods for the Sicilian Mafia...

TORO: A graduate of St. Hermelin, Toro ("Chunky") is now a salesman. He sits in the Gatten Sushi all day, and you can get rumors from him. His Persona power was awakened during the SEBEC Scandal, and he now uses that to help him in his work. (Considering what his persona looked like...ew...)

TOSHIKO: The saleslady at the Giga Macho. She's based on the music composer and sound director for Atlus, Tasaki Toshiko. Weirdly enough, the "nyo" and "nyu" and "myo" ("squig, squig, squishy squish") speech patterns of the slimes and jellies are based on Toshiko's speech patterns...

UCHIDA TAMAKI-CHAN: A 20-year old St. Hermelin graduate that works part-time at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency. She was a Devil Summoner in high school (she entered the Megaten series in Shin Megaten if... as a student of Karukozaka High). She's engaged to her best friend/worst enemy Satomi Tadashi. She sends in your magazine coupons for sweepstake prizes.

UEDA CHIKA (CHIKALIN): A first-year student at Sevens who loves gossip. (The -lin ending of her name is kind of a cutesy suffix, like Chika-chan.) She is the rumormonger at the Peace Diner, and, through the school newspaper, she is friends with Hanakouji Miyabi.

WHISTLING SALESMAN: The surly salesperson at Toa Armory/East Asian Defense.