St. Hermelin is the school where Persona 1 was set. This is a Catholic high school in Mikage, a suburb outside of Sumaru City. You will see Hermelin students in the Sumaru shops; they are recognizable by their grey school uniforms. They get involved both as Persona-users and friends of Yukino.

The name of the school in Japanese seems like "St. Ermine" (聖エルミン学園), and there's the ermine right on the symbol, but...there's the English name right there too! Go figure.

St. Hermelin is also the setting of one of the Climax Theater quests.

KEI NANJOU (age 20) 南条圭

Kei Nanjou, the sarcastic heir to the Nanjou Conglomerate, is now studying abroad in England, at Oxford. He's back home for vacation, and he's heard that a "man who looks like Kandori" is wandering the city. Now, he's not about to let that slide, so he's searching for this Kandori-lookalike. If you can find him in the Abandoned Factory (you have to read all the notes, and collect a rumor about a secret employee room), he'll give you his (really expensive) Japanese sword as a gift. This is Tatsuya's legendary weapon.

ELLIE KIRISHIMA (age 20) 桐島英理子

Age: 20
Bloodtype: O
Birthday: 9/21
Sign: Virgo
Favorite Reading: Mu (alien conspiracy/occult magazine), TIME
Hobby: Occult Studies

The rich-girl from Hermelin is now a part-time model and full-time college student. She's called in to help the group by her old classmate Yukino. Since she's the original occult otaku, she's able to interpret King Leo's Zodiac clues, and help guide the group to the next area of Sumaru that they should go. Her clues also hint at which building they should visit to find Leo's next message. She tends to hang out in the W-Slash, and doesn't know Nanjou's in town yet. Towards the end of the game, she and the rest of the original Persona users can be found either in Tony's shop or in Sevens, fighting Nazis. *laugh* Eriko is fluent in english, and she tends to use a lot of (correct) English phrases in roman letters.

MAKI SONOMURA (MARY) (age 20) 園村麻希

After graduating from Hermelin, Maki took a part-time job at Hiiragi Psychotherapy as a apprentice therapist. She wants to become a therapist like her boss, Ms. Reiko, so that she can help other troubled people. No word on whether she's still painting creepy still-lifes. Maki receives a beautiful flower from the Time Count, which she passes on to Jun, saying that the Count called it "the representation of a destiny that must be passed on." So, a flower from one nutball to another! ♥ This is Jun's ultimate weapon. If you say that Hannya's dead, she and the other Hermelin graduates fight off the Nazis in Sevens; otherwise they hang out at Tony's late in the game.


Everyone's favorite, er, whatever from Persona 1 is now 19 years old, and he's a local celebrity. He is the star of a variety/talk show, and his ego has swelled to keep up with his success. His speciality are horrible puns and lame old-man jokes. (Remember his jokes in Persona 1? They haven't gotten any better.) He knows Junko Kurosu and calls her Junko-chan, which doesn't endear him to her. He also drags his ass to Sevens to fight Nazis when called by his classmates, so he's a good-hearted guy...just a total dumbass.

REIJI KIDO (CHRIS) (age 20) 城戸玲司

Somehow the legendary Captain Naked managed to graduate from Hermelin. Right now, he's a knife salesman, but he's horrible at it, since he can't quite seem to stop scaring people with his demeanor and his rough language. He's also living with a woman two years older than him who reminds him of his mother (the one he knocks up in Batsu, I'd presume.). He's really does resemble his half-brother Kandori after his makeover, but gets angry if that's pointed out to him. You find him in the Abandoned Factory's Waste Management Room because he'd heard that there were demons there and wanted to blow off a little steam by kicking some demon ass. He still has the Legendary American Gloves, and Lisa scares him into giving them to her. This is Lisa's ultimate weapon.


Um, apparently Mark went to the United States to study street art (graffiti, you know), and Ayase married a salaryman and became a housewife. Yeah, I dunno.