The strange-looking woman who works at Etheria. Believes in the power of Aesthetics.


The artist in the Velvet Room that paints Free Tarot into any requested Tarot cards. Based on Kazuma Kaneko, the character designer for the Persona games.


Amano Maya's father, a battlefield journalist. He was killed on the job when she was a young girl.


The teacher in the Sevens staff room that always starts out his sentences by saying, "Ah, sou." ("I see.") Hence the pun with his translated name.


His name is the Chinese word for "revenge" and he runs a popular rumor webpage and BBS. You can IRC with him in the W-Slash by sitting down at the red computer. (Incidentally, when Tatsuya and Jun were small boys, they met a strange drunken man with black hair and glasses outside of the Parabellum, who drank to forget his dreams...hmmm...)


The beautiful woman who sings opera in the Velvet Room, accompanied by Nameless's piano playing. To be able to hear only her singing voice, she blocks both her ears.


A freelance photographer who works for Kismet. Yukino is his apprentice, and she has a major crush on him. Unfortunately for Yukino, Fujii doesn't seem to return her feelings, even though he thinks she's a great person.


A character appearing in the Climax Theater quests. She is an eccentric girl who appears in St. Hermelin but seems unaffected by the Parasite Personas or the power of Ambrosia. She's...not what she seems.


*laugh* This is a pun. In Kasugayama during the Masquerade, you run into a male student who talks like a girl. He's called a "GEI no danshi seito." There's also another student that's a GEI no danshi seito, but they use the kanji "?". The kanji "?" indicates an artist or a performer (think "geisha") which, from the days of the Noh plays, has also been associated with homosexuality (the katakana "??"). So the two "gei no danshi seito" is just Atlus being silly again.


A second-year Sevens student and classmate of Lisa. She works on the school newspaper. In the Japanese game, she has the nickname "Hanaji" (nosebleed) from the time she got a nosebleed in the girls' locker room. (...take that as you will.) Her English nickname is "Kozy" due to the fact that "kouji" (like in her name) can be transliterated as "Kozy" (For example, the producer of the early Persona games, Kouji Okada, went by Cozy Okada.) A nice, chubby girl, she seems rather attached to Eikichi, who only knows that she's a Sevens student named Hanaji who likes Gas Chamber. When she's kidnapped by Sugimoto and taken to the Zodiac, the truth comes out: she's the same Miyabi Hanakouji that Eikichi had had a crush on since he was a kid. When they were children, she was pretty and popular, and Eikichi was chubby and shy, but they were best friends. Jealous boys in their class pulled down Eikichi's pants in front of Miyabi, and told him that Miyabi hated fat people, which deeply traumatized Eikichi. Out of guilt, Miyabi let herself go and became the chubby girl she was today, so when the New and Improved Eikichi met her, he didn't recognize her, and she was too ashamed to tell him who she was. Now she wishes to be skinny again so that she can look good for Eikichi (even though he tells her he likes her anyway) so she uses the Joker Charm, gets her wish of becoming skinny again, and goes off with Shadow Eikichi. (Not entirely bright, but...) Eikichi has to rescue her from the Scorpio Mansion, and then all is forgiven and they start to date. After that, she stays in the Gatten, waiting for Eikichi to come back from his battles.
But here's more info on her, if you want:
    Age: 17
    Bloodtype: A
    Birthday: 10/25
    Sign: Scorpio (...ha..)
    Favorite Reading: Lettuce Club (a cooking magazine)
    Hobby: Cooking


The greatly disliked principal of Sevens, who transfered from St. Hermelin recently. He's nicknamed "Hannya." He wanted to be the #1 Principal, so he used the Joker Charm to wish that all the student liked him. After that, you run into students who say stuff like, "you know, Principal Hanya is a complete ass, but I somehow love and respect him. Huh?" (Shades of the Manchurian Candidate...) You find him up in the Clocktower in Sevens, transformed by the Joker's power. After you defeat him, he jumps through the stained-glass face of the Sevens Clock, and you can either spread the rumor that he's still alive or that he's dead. If you say that he's alive, he returns at the end of the game to kick Nazi ass in Sevens, as befits the "perfect principal." If you say he's dead, it's the Persona 1 cast who fight off the Nazis in Sevens. His battle form, Drill-Hannya, is based on the Hannya mask.
Voice Actor: Takashi Nagasako


A 13-year-old cosplayer who is a member of the Masquerade. A girl with an overactive imagination, she likes to pretend that she is the reincarnated warrior Ixquic, and used the Joker Charm to make her dreams come true. She was assigned to be one of King Leo's minions, and Joker gave her the demon Belphegor to help her. (Whom she quickly nicknamed "Bel-chan," *laugh*) Akari idolizes King Leo, for whatever reason. She was the boss character hiding in the bathroom of SMILE Hirasaka, and Maya slapped her and told her to grow up, as her selfish actions would hurt people. In the Air Museum, Leo leaves Akari trapped on the suspended airplane in the main gallery, and Maya has to crawl down a rope to rescue her (hence the reference to the "crying girl's voice" in Batsu.) On the roof, Leo grabs Akari and puts his sword to her throat to stop Tatsuya & co., but she escapes when Leo loses interest in her. She appears here and there after the airship event - on the beach after the blimp crashes, and at Alaya after Xibalba takes off. She's kind of a cute kid. Her persona was reverse Pairika.
Voice actor: Hikari Tachibana.


The master of the Velvet Room, and a servant of Philemon. When a Persona is summoned, Nameless plays and Belladonna sings, and Igor calls up the Persona on his Evil Phone.


Student Body President at KasuKou. (Yeah, in Tsumi, he actually was president, instead of just wishing about it as he did in Batsu!) He was responsible for spreading the rumor that the Sevens Emblem was cursed and the Kasugayama HS emblem was blessed. He's working for Lady Scorpion (his dream was to become Student Body President, and, well...) to collect Ideal Energy at KasuKou's big dance party, the Masquerade. He lured Tatsuya and his friends into the bomb shelter in the basement using a walkie-talkie, and they were lost for quite some time in the maze. When they escaped, they found Yasuo on the roof of the school (where you find him in Batsu) and you fight him as a boss! After you defeat him, he's burned to death by King Leo for his failure. His persona seems to have been reverse Shax.


The head of the Buddhist monks who live on top of Mt. Katatsumuri. He is 68 years old. He leads the monks' attempt to fight off the Nazi invasion. Fujii and Yukino visited him fairly often to photograph the stars from the top of the mountain.


A nice widowed lady who runs the aromatherapy shop Kaori. (Duh.)


An extremely popular teacher at St. Hermelin known as "Charisma-sensei." He appears in the Climax Theater quests when Maya goes to interview him for COOLEST. He has his students post to an internal social networking site called "Ambrosia" and discuss their dreams and hopes for the future; he then goes in and edits their posts to make his students more exceptional. leading him to have the smartest, most attractive, and most popular class in school.


A second-year student at Sevens with a massive crush on her upperclassman, Anna Yoshizaka. She tells the group how worried she is about Anna, and follows Anna to the Zodiac Club to scold her. When Anna ignores her, she tells her "Big Sis" that she's an idiot and runs off in tears. And that's really about it, at least in Tsumi.


One of Eikichi's friends and a member of Gas Chamber. His dream of being a boxer are stolen by the Joker at the beginning of Tsumi.


A Masquerade member who performed the Joker Charm, wishing to become sexy. He's supposed to challenge Tatsuya's group in the Fitness Club GOLD, but his ex-girlfriend, Ulala Serizawa, chased him out, threatening to kick his ass for stealing her money and running. He's a coward anyways, and ran when he saw Tatsuya coming...


(Note: In Japan, salesladies are apparently called "Mannequins" because they wear the clothes being sold in the store to help promote them.) There are three mannequins in Sumaru City worth noting: the ladies who work at the Rosa Candida Konan, Rosa Candida Aoba, and the Anima Mundi in Yumesaki. The red-haired and blonde Rosa Candida women are sisters (the redhead is the younger, if you're wondering). The girl in Anima Mundi has a crush on Tatsuya, so, as you might expect, she and Lisa don't get along too well.


The bartender at the Jolly Roger who sells weapons. He seems to be a retired sailor, since he always talks about the sea...he also has a miniature version of the ship "GOUMADEN" on his counter.


The host of the radio program "Meteor Man's Sound Max." He's based on Atlus's head of Public Relations, Mr. Aibara/Aiwara.


Eikichi's dad, the sushi chef at Gatten Sushi. A real "manly" man, who isn't amused when he discovers that his son's running around in visual kei makeup and clothing. He claims that he knows 18 forms of martial arts and can kick Eikichi's ass, and Eikichi believes him.


The blindfolded piano player who makes the music to summon Persona in the Velvet Room. He seems to have something of an obsession with numbers and counting.


A second-year student at Karukozaka HS who appears in the Climax Theater story, "The Persona Thief." He ends up stealing Personas for the angel Kushiel, whom he has asked to calculate the ultimate love match between him and some girl he likes. Yeah, he's stupid.


The Shiraishi Lady. Age 45. She claims to have something of a mysterious past (was she really married to a sheik?) and dreams of being a writer. She was once a man-searcher, according to rumor. In Tsumi, she makes appallingly bad ramen and sells weapons. You can get Eikichi's ultimate weapon from her, and she gives the group their first set of weapons for free because she's known Eikichi for many years. For some reason, she's dressed as and styles her hair like Rei Reihou. She's named after Megumi Shiraishi, one of the Atlus Primary Development Design staff at the time (who was supposedly dating Kaneko at one point? There is some serious snark on Japanese BBSes.)


A second-year student at Sevens in Lisa's class (2-C), and one of the MUSES. She's one of Lisa's best friends, and has the nickname "Meeho." She tends to talk in a super-cutesy way. She has her dreams stolen by Prince Taurus at the Muses concert, and becomes a Shadow Person.
    Age: 16
    Bloodtype: B
    Birthday: 7/22
    Sign: Cancer
    Favorite Reading: JUNON (typical teenage girl magazine)
    Hobby: Stuffing her face


She's 19, and uses an old-fashioned "de gozaru" speech pattern in Japanese and a formal old-fashioned English speech pattern. This is explained by her either being a huge fan of samurai dramas or Victorian dramas. (Happy Japanese Note: she's called an "Arbeiter" - a 'worker' in German - because after-school part-time jobs are called 'arubaito' = Arbeit = "work". The Japanese borrowed the word from the Germans.) Her given name is apparently Michiko or Miwako.


Tatsuya, Eikichi, and Lisa have memories of playing at Alaya Shrine with a sailor-suited schoolgirl when they were children. The girl didn't have a father, but she was always ready to play with them, and had a friendly smiling face. They never saw her again after the shrine was burnt down 10 years ago, and her ghost haunts Mt. Iwato. (Hm, who could this be...)


The son of the Satomi Tadashi shopkeeper in Persona 1 (so he has seven purple-haired aunts....), and a graduate of St. Hermelin. He's a big fan of "violence" and "hard-boiled action," which means he gets himself into ridiculous situations trying to act like his heroes. He is engaged to his best friend/worst enemy, Tamaki. He's also a big fan of the MUSES. He shows up in the Shiraishi Ramen shop, and introduces the party to the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, where he's found after that. In the Airship Museum, he and Tamaki are the ones who help rescue the schoolchildren (dressed up in cat burglar suits and masks...*laugh*) and they try to fight King Leo on the roof. Sadly, he doesn't show up in Batsu - where IS he? Not even Tamaki knows where he is! He's based on the Scenario Designer for Atlus, Tadashi Satomi (the "Scenario Designer" is basically the guy who comes up with the cracked-out plot of the games).


(In US Eternal Punishment her name's romanized as Ulala, but Eriko calls her MS. URARA, and the freaking game booklet for JP Batsu calls her "Urara Serizawa". Oh well, six of one, half a dozen of the other, who cares.) Maya's menthol-smoking roommate, whose cigarettes Maya borrows to start a fire in SMILE Hirasaka. She seems to be the one who cooks and cleans up their apartment. She seems to have bad luck with men; she comments on how Maya's male party members are so cute, and how Maya has all the luck with men. She is a boxer, so you also run into her in the GOLD Gym when you're hunting for King Leo's bomb. King Leo's minion turns out to be a man named Youichi Makimura, and before you can kick his ass, Ulala bursts in and chases Makimura out, screaming that she's going to kill him for dumping her and running off with all her money. Seems Maya taught her how to use Persona when they were drunk...


These Shadows are brought to life by Joker's power. Shadow Maya shows up in Mt. Iwato, and Shadow Yukino at Caracol. The other three Shadows - Eikichi, Ginko, and Tatsuya - show up in the Scorpio, Taurus, and Leo Mansions respectively. (Uh, "Shadow Jun" would be the Joker, naturally, so there is no separate Shadow Jun.) The Shadows look like the real person, but they're actually the result of the two conflicting rumors circulating about the five heroes or five terrorists. Shadows express a person's dark, suppressed thoughts and wishes. In Maya's case, Shadow Maya is the pessimistic, irresponsible one, and in Yukino's case, Shadow Yukino is violent and doesn't think she'll ever succeed in life.


Another of Lisa's best friends, a second-year Sevens student from class 2-C. She is the third member of the MUSES, with the nickname "Asacchi" or "Sheba." She also gets her dreams of stardom stolen by Prince Taurus at the MUSES concert, and becomes a Shadow Person.


Ginko's father, a naturalized American who works in the Foreign Currency Exchange. He's obsessed with all things Japanese, and speaks only Japanese at home and tries to live a perfect Japanese life (which is why Ginko can't speak English despite being the child of two Americans). He's based on another famous American Asiophile - Steven Seagal. XD He even knows aikido like Steven Seagal!


The popular waiter at Le Cleir-de-Lune Restaurant. He's based on the Graphics Designer at Atlus, Shigenori Soejima. There's a Soejima in Soul Hackers, and Kyouji Kuzunoha from Devil Summoner was also Soejima's self-insert. Shigenori Soejima is the guy who draws the in-game art, as opposed to Kazuma Kaneko, who draws the character designs.


One of the teachers in the staff room at Sevens. He's always saying "Sou ka!" ("That's it, of course!")


A second-year student at KasuKou. Ever since Eikichi beat him up in middle school, he's hated Eikichi and wanted to defeat him. When he heard of the Joker Charm, he decided to use it to defeat Eikichi and become the new boss at KasuKou. He kidnapped Miyabi Hanakouji and took her to the back rooms in the Zodiac, and Eikichi went to rescue her. When you catch up with Eikichi, you can either help him beat up Sugimoto, or let him kick Sugimoto's ass by himself.


A mysterious woman from Egypt who tells fortunes using tarot cards and a crystal ball. She is also the rumormonger in Konan. It's rumored that her double wanders the city at night...if you talk to her enough, she confesses that she is actually a transgendered clubber who pretended to tell fortunes, and, due to the power of rumors, found herself stuck telling fortunes!


During the Period of the Warring States (1467-1600), Kiyotada Sumaru was the daimyo of the area that contained Sumaru City. (By the way, "Sumaru City" and "Kiyotada Sumaru" are written differently.) His legend is told upon a board in Honmaru Park in Rengedai. (And he shows up in Eternal Punishment as Gozen, of course.)


Tatsuya's older brother, a cop in Konan. Perfectionistic, dedicated, and a bit of a nag, Katsuya isn't quite as nice and forgiving in Tatsuya's eyes as he seems in Batsu. Tatsuya feels a lot of pressure to live up to Katsuya's reputation, and seems to resent him because of that. You meet Katsuya if you visit the police station, and after the police stations are burnt down, he's standing in the streets outside the remains of the station, pissed off. When Tatsuya & co. become wanted criminals (the power of rumors again...) you hear that "Katsuya is hanging up wanted posters of a person whose face resembles his own, and he looks very sad." (And when Lisa comments how Tatsuya and Katsuya look alike, Tatsuya apparently glares at her because she goes, "Aiya! Don't look like that! Smile, smile!") But when Katsuya hears the opposing rumor, that Tatsuya & co. are heroes who saved children, you hear that his "face lit up like never before." Basically, he's an asshole in Tsumi because you're seeing him the way Tatsuya sees him.


Another of Eikichi's friends and bandmates. His dream was to become a doctor and make money so he could give his mother nice things, since she worked so hard to support him. His dreams were stolen by Joker-sama at the beginning of the game.


Tatsuya's homeroom teacher in 3-B, who transferred from St. Hermelin ("Saeko Smith" in US versions). Tatsuya isn't comfortable with her because she's always prodding him to decide what to do with his life and can see through all his excuses. She's a very dedicated teacher, and tries to make slackers like Tatsuya let go of their past trauma and make something of their lives.


The mysterious man who sells antique clocks. His left eye is covered by a monocle decorated like a clock. Rather a creepy fellow overall...


The boss of the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, who spreads rumors for a fee. Although he looks kind of dull and mild-mannered, he works as a Devil Summoner. He was previously a third-rate detective, but all of a sudden he became extremely smart...

The explanation for this, of course, goes back to the Devil Summoner games Devil Summoner and Soul Hackers. In those games, there is a devil summoner and detective named Kyouji Kuzunoha (a distant relation of Raidou Kuzunoha XIV, or perhaps just the adopter of the Kyouji title which is another "branch" of the Kuzunoha "family", or, perhaps he's still the first Kyouji Kuzunoha due to his powers?) For various reasons, Kyouji Kuzunoha loses his body in an accident fighting a powerful sorcerer at the start of Devil Summoner, and essentially becomes a body-snatcher, which I understand is one of the "forbidden powers" his branch of the Kuzunohas is able to use. He takes the form of Sukeroku in the sequel game, Soul Hackers, where the dull-witted detective Daisuke Todoroki also appears. So, when Todoroki suddenly becomes very smart and takes over the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, it's just assumed that Kyouji snatched his body.

He is modeled on the actor Akira Nakao.


Mr. Toku is a bum who sleeps in Honmaru Park in Rengedai. He's the rumormonger for Rengedai. (You can't enter Honmaru Park in Eternal Punishment...probably because it's built on the ruins of Sumaru Castle.)


The chiropractor at Tominaga Chiropractic. He studied his art in America, and loves to say "Goldfinger!"


A stoned young man who sells accessories in Yumesaki. Rumor has it that he sells goods for the Sicilian Mafia...


A character appearing in the Climax Theater story set in St. Hermelin. She committed suicide due to bullying prior to the start of the game.


A junior teacher at St. Hermelin who appears in the Climax Theater story. Her younger sister, Akari, committed suicide due to bullying and her ghost is said to haunt St. Hermelin.


A graduate of St. Hermelin, Toro ("Chunky") is now a salesman. He sits in the Gatten Sushi all day, and you can get rumors from him. His Persona power was awakened during the SEBEC Scandal, and he now uses that to help him in his work. (Considering what his persona - Mara - looked like...ew...)


The saleslady at the Giga Macho. She's based on the music composer and sound director for Atlus at the time of Persona 2, Toshiko Tasaki. (Weirdly enough, the "nyo" and "nyu" and "myo" speech patterns of the slimes and jellies are based on Toshiko's speech patterns...)


A 20-year old St. Hermelin graduate that works part-time at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency. She was a Devil Summoner in high school (she entered the Megaten series in Shin Megaten if... as a student of Karukozaka High). She's engaged to her best friend/worst enemy Satomi Tadashi. She sends in your magazine coupons for sweepstake prizes. She also shows up in the Airship Museum dressed as a cat burglar, and helps you rescue the children. She is modeled after the idol and singer Yuki Uchida, who was a favorite of the Scenario Designer Tadashi Satomi.
    Age: 20
    Bloodtype: A
    Birthday: 8/13
    Sign: Leo
    Favorite Reading: Theater Book (an entertainment magazine)
    Hobby: Theater Appreciation (huh, no kidding...)


A first-year student at Sevens who loves gossip. (The -lin ending of her name is kind of a cutesy suffix, like Chika-chan.) She is the rumormonger at the Peace Diner, and, through the school newspaper, she is friends with Miyabi Hanakouji.
    Age: 15
    Bloodtype: O
    Birthday: 2/17
    Sign: Aquarius
    Favorite Reading: Popteen (just look at it)
    Hobby: Collecting Rumors


A freshman at Karukozaka HS who is the very popular lead singer of the band Gravity Machine. Eikichi claims he's talented. He appears in the Climax Theater story "The Persona Thief."


The surly salesperson at Toa Armory/East Asian Defense.