Yukino is a returning character from Persona 1; I guess Atlus included her because it wasn't possible to get all of the cast in your party in a single playthrough of Persona 1, so you'd have to replay and replay and replay to really get to know all the characters.

She used to be the strong "older sister"-type who laid down the law among her classmates, but after getting out of high school, she seems to have lost her direction and become uncertain what kind of person she wants to be. She greatly idolized Ms. Saeko and wanted to be a teacher like her, but she wasn't sure that she had the brains to become a teacher. So she became a photography student, where she meets her first love, Shunsuke Fujii, who's her boss and mentor. Yukino's father is gone - I think he walked out on the family - so Yukino has one hell of a father-complex, like everyone else in the game. She's attracted to Fujii because he's nice and fatherly and she craves that.

Yukino, despite her strength and outward brashness, is in truth a very shy, awkward person. She doesn't know how to express herself with words, so she does it with her fists. She doesn't feel comfortable with who she is, so she tries to change herself into someone she thinks other people will like, with minimal success. She wants to become the kind of person Fujii would like, so she grew out her hair, and around Fujii, lapses into the most amazingly girly mannerisms. It's almost painful to watch her talk like a girly-girl and blush around Fujii, who, for his part, does his best not to encourage her either way.

Yukino sees something of herself in Anna Yoshizaka - a bitter, confused girl who has no hope for her own future and therefore doesn't care what happens to her. Yukino had once been like that, and Yukino wanted to help Anna as she herself had been helped by Ms Saeko.

She's also confused when she accompanies the group to Mt. Iwato - she didn't recognize any of the flashbacks because she hadn't been part of them! All in all, her story is separate from that of the Masquerade; her story is about learning to become comfortable with herself.



I wish I knew! I don't believe they mentioned her in Persona 3.


Nicknames: Yukki (used by Fujii and Maya), Yukino-neesan, Yukino-anesan
Birthdate: April 9, 1979
Zodiac Sign: Aries / Earth Sheep
Guardian Dragon: Scarlet
Height/Weight: 170 cm (5'7") / 53 kg (117 lbs)
Bloodtype: A
Occupation: Photography student and part-time apprentice photographer
Tarot Arcana: Empress
Elemental Affinity: Water
Starting PERSONA: Vesta
Ultimate PERSONA: Durga
Weapons: Projectiles
Appearance: Heavily permed hair held back with a cap.
Idle Animation: Taking out her pocket-camera and practicing her shots
Likes: Photography (mostly landscapes)
Favorite Sports: Getting into fights and playing softball (because she's as strong as a guy)
Family: Mother, two little sisters, and two little brothers
Talents: Fighting and intimidating people
Favorite Foods: Yakisoba, yakitori
Hated Foods: None
Phobias: Romantic moments (she's very shy, and thinks she has to overcome her shyness)
Dream: To be a successful photographer
Games: Main party character in Person 1 and Innocent Sin; NPC in Eternal Punishment
Voice Actor: Tomoe Hanba